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A wide range of equipment to answer your shootings needs and easy-to-follow procedures: How does it work?

The rental facilities

Located at the corner of Casgrain Avenue and Maguire Street, our rental facilities will please you with its ease of access and its proximity to our two post-production offices. From the beginning to the end of your shoot, we are here to support you. Our equipment experts will be delighted to help you make the right choices for your projects. From the simplest idea to the most complex, we can advise you and adapt to your requests.

For our new customers, write to us at location@post-moderne.com to open your account.

Our equipments

Choose from our wide selection of cameras, lenses and other accessories.

To begin the rental process, send us your wish list of equipment and your shooting dates so we can send you a personalized quote, subject to availability. If you can not decide, do not hesitate to ask us. We will be happy to assist you in your choices!

Camera preparation

Our test room is there so you can take the time to plan and thoroughly examine your equipment before departure for filming. In this space, we check that the order is complete and that the equipment is in perfect condition. This is the perfect time to ask all your questions and make last minute additions before you leave.

Pickup and drop off

Our loading dock is easily accessible on Gaspé Avenue. You can pick up your equipment here after the tests. The return of rentals is before 10h am on the day discussed, unless prior arrangements have been agreed. Let us know if you are late! After a final check on our side, we will inform you if there is any missing or damaged material before invoicing.


Be protected for your rental! Insurances are obligatory. If you do not know how to access insurances, write to us! Please list Post-Moderne as an additional loss / insured beneficiary and make sure your coverage is adequate for all your rented equipment, and no exclusions for any type of situation that may arise.