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No matter the project, we can develop workflows that meet your needs. Put your production in the trustworthy hands of our qualified assistant editors. Their seasoned eyes and attention to detail will put you at ease. Should you have a question or if you hit a snag we offer technical support both on site and from a distance. Our experienced coordinators will advise you and ensure that your project unfolds within budget and according to plan.

Digital Lab

At Post-Moderne, we accompany you during and after your shoots with dailies, accessible for personalized streaming via our viewing zone. With our assistance, your project will be well prepared for the editing process that lies ahead. Take advantage of our well-furnished machine room and VTRs for all your cassette releases in analog or digital format, DCP etc. And, when your project is complete, be sure to archive it on a support system that will stand the test of time, such as LTO.

Editing Suites

Here at Post-Moderne, our equipment is constantly updated and improved to keep up with the frenetic evolution of the digital world. Our fourteen editing suites, compatible with both Avid and Final Cut, allow you to work in a relaxed, user-friendly atmosphere. Come edit under the watchful eyes of the caribou or polar bear and feel like you’re in the comfort of a cabin the woods, right in the heart of the metropolis. And if the woods are truly calling you, check out our vintage furnished editing cabin located in the Adirondacks, upstate New York.

Color grading

Give your images some personality in the comfort of one of our two colour grading suites. At your disposal, we have one suite optimized for 4k projection in real-time on a 14ft screen and a second studio specially designed to accommodate projects destined for television or the web. Our in-house colourists will happily put their creativity to work for your project and guide you through the process to attain the quality of image you desire.

Smoke / Online

To put the finishing touches on your project or to create special effects, we welcome you to our smoke room where, under the scrupulous gaze of the fox, you’ll put the final magic touches on your project. Anything is possible in the hands of our smoke artist, from removing undesirable objects to adding a new fantastical element or touching up an actor’s natural imperfections. With our rigorous attention to detail and precise execution, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.