Alexandre Domingue | President

Editor, cinematographer, entrepreneur…Alexandre has a passion for all aspects of cinematographic production. For ten years he traveled the world armed with a camera, working on a vast array of projects. A natural innovator, Alexandre is always looking for new ways to improve and invests himself completely in every project he takes on. Suffering from an insatiable love of nature and a generous heart that cares for the wellbeing of everyone around him, he has never been known to refuse a hunting party among friends or a trip to the cabin.  Alex is always thinking up new renovation schemes featuring his favorite material: wood.

His projects include: Lost Rivers, Uyanga, Before Tomorrow, Antanarjuat


Stéphane Gravel | General manager

With over 30 years of experience in the production and post-production industries, Stéphane has been at the helm of many great companies in Montreal. His expertise and his compassion are appreciated by all. In addition to being a great leader, Stéphane is also a proud father of three. Outside of work, he can sometimes be found behind his drums jamming with his band.


Benoit Breault | Technical Director

There’s a rumour that Benoit’s simple presence is enough to fix a technical problem. Yet, those close to him know that it’s rather his methodical thinking and vast knowledge that keep all of Post-Moderne’s equipment running smoothly. Benoit is always looking for new experiences and originality even in the culinary realm; thankfully he is always willing to share his latest experiment with his colleagues. A few times a year, this technical director with a heart of gold retires to the forest to recharge and chop some wood.

Danny Taillon | Assistant director, equipment rental

Of a calming demeanour, Danny greets everyone he meets with finesse and generosity. His impressive knowledge allows him to find the most innovative solutions that are adapted to the needs of the project. With a BFA in photography from Concordia University and an eye as quick as his camera’s, Danny always notices the fine details that most people miss.


Myriam Therrien | Assistant director, post-production

Myriam is the excel whiz of the office; in her hands data mysteriously sorts itself in charts and graphs that are both comprehensible and pleasing to the eye. She is much like a lighthouse: a guiding beacon amidst a think fog of information. Myriam loves the great city of Montreal and its rich culture. Although she tends to be a homebody, she can often be seen at various social events, sharing a laugh and meeting new people.


Marie-Pierre Tétreault | Développement

When Marie-Pierre walks through the doors of Post-Moderne, you know it’s gonna be a good day! Her positive attitude and ease at connecting with others create an ideal work environment. A longtime lover of the outdoors, she still enjoys the vibrancy of the city where for over 15 years she has worked in a field she is passionate about: post-production. With experience in production as well, she has gained a wide range of skills and expertise. Her main focus : helping others. If you’re looking for her, she’s probably helping someone right now, or rescuing a poor spider from certain death!


Cara Di Staulo | Coordinator

Of an analytic nature, Cara enjoys examining every angle of a situation to reach the best solution. She is constantly striving for better efficiency while being mindful of maintaining a humane approach. She is nicknamed the Voice of Wisdom by those around her because of her ability to see both sides of the coin and give advice accordingly. Cara is a long-time foodie who enjoys a wide variety of dishes, from fine cuisine to local street food.


Annie Dionne | Coordinator

Bringing almost a decade of experience to the team, Annie a great ally, both efficient and sensitive to those around her. She is a ray of sunshine in the office, always willing to help, no matter how busy the day has become. When she is not sharing a laugh with her colleagues, she is daydreaming about chocolate or a trip to the far reaches of the world.


Aïda Eid | Coordinator

If Post-Moderne was ever to hold a contest for niceness, Aïda would crush the competition. She would then insist on sharing her prize with her colleagues. You’ll probably guess that they all appreciate her tremendously as do her clients, who can rely on her attentiveness, her patience and the expertise that she’s acquired from almost a decade of experience in production. Outside of work, Aïda loves learning, travelling or simply contemplating, whether it be nature, a good movie or a work of art.


Laurent Schraenen | Equipment coordinator

Laurent tackles each new project with resourcefulness and generosity. He is always willing to go the extra mile to reach the best outcome. Of a curious nature, he strives to understand the most innovative techniques in the film industry. Laurent is passionate about everything related to photography.


Julien Alix | Colorist

After graduating from UQAM with a B.A. in Communication Studies specialized in cinema, Julien first dipped into cinematography before finding his home in colourization. Epicurean by nature, Julien doesn’t hesitate to lavish love and attention on every image placed in his hands. His passion for hunting and fishing has shaped him into a man of patience, mindful of every detail in every shot.

His projects include: Le bruit des mots, Arcade Fire’s “Sprawl II”, Degree “Masters of Movement”, Where the Trail Ends (trailer), Ressac


Charles Boileau | Colorist

Previously a director of photography, Charles has shot amazing images of skiers and snowboarders around the word. Now a colorist for almost 6 years, he is well known for being highly efficient and fully committed to his work. He is also passionate about cycling and constantly pushing his limits. When he’s not riding his bike, Charles likes to enjoy a fine whiskey in good company.

His projects include: Sigur Rós – Inni, Monsoon, Quelqu’un d’extraordinaire, 19-two, Discopathe, Un sur 2, La coupe.


Annaël Beauchemin | Online Editor

Annaël fully commits to every project he comes across. His solid experience as an online editor and his generosity make him popular around the office. Some say that it’s also because he knows where to find the best ice cream sandwich in the city. This self-proclaimed geek also has a manual side and several pieces of furniture around his house can prove it!


Etienne Beaupré | Online editor

Etienne is the human Swiss Army knife of the post-production industry. His experience ranges from offline and online editing to color grading, visual effects and animation. Étienne never shies away from a good old hockey chat and his good mood and even better jokes make him easy to be around. According to him, the best time of the year is without a doubt Shark Week!


Stéphanie Vaillancourt | Assistant colorist

Stéphanie leaves her mark on every project she works on by being fully committed and by making sure that every file is meticulously organized. Those are just a few of the many reasons why her colleagues enjoy collaborating with her so much. At home, she becomes the hostess-with-the-mostess who welcomes her guests in style: with a homemade drink and a carefully crafted playlist. To relax, Stephanie enjoys diving into a comic book while sipping a tasty Kentucky Mule.


Laura Bougot | Assistant editor

No need to ask for help with Laura around, she’ll give you hand without missing a beat. Organized and concentrated, she always makes sure that the projects she is working on run smoothly. At 4 feet 11, what she lacks in physical height she makes up for with greatness in character. In her spare time, when she’s not engrossed in the latest fantasy novel, she likes to spend time with her chocolate lab that, let’s admit it, is taller than her!


Olivier Deslauriers Prud’homme | Assistant editor

His experience in setting up workflows and with post-production equipment of all kinds make Olivier an important resource for editors and assistant-editors. He takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge and collaborating to make each project more efficient. Olivier has a passion for music, particularly the piano, from with he’s developed several qualities that he tries to apply when he’s working behind a computer: a good sense of timing, thoroughness and creativity.


Marie-Pier Dupuis | Assistant editor

Marie-Pier has a knack for seamlessly developing a friendly and professional connection with everyone she meets. We suspect that her natural charm has something to do with it. Marie-Pier is generous with her colleagues and loves making them smile with a quick compliment. Very active in the ongoing poutine debate, she is firmly in the Banquise clan and never misses an opportunity to defend her position.


Ingrid Schwietzer | Assistant editor

With the valuable knowledge she obtained from her previous life as a web designer, Ingrid is always willing to lend a helping hand to her colleagues. Cluttered workspaces and chaotic file directories stand no chance against her organizational skills. Originally from France, Ingrid has lived in various cities, such as Dublin and Barcelona, before settling in Montreal. In her spare time, she enjoys relaxing to a good zombie apocalyptic movie or TV series.