Post-Moderne is proud to annouce that Charles Boileau, one of our two resident colorist, is nominated at the Hollywood Post Alliance Awards 2015 in the category “OUTSTANDING COLOR GRADING – FEATURE FILM” for his color grading work on the documentary Monsoon, produced by Intuitive Pictures.

The film was directed by Sturla Gunnarson, accompanied by Van Royko to the direction of photography. The documentary explores the social, economical and philosophical aspects of the Monsoon and modern India. Entirely shot in 4K the project was a motivating challenge for the Post-Moderne team: “We handled all different parts of the 4K workflow… From Dailies to color grading!” Says Alexandre Domingue, CEO of Post-Moderne.

Charles was involved from early on making sure that everything was on track with color-spaces and the creative approach: “Sturla and Van gave me a lot of liberty. I was able to explore many different looks and styles. The whole process was very motivating for me. They made my job really easy… The images I was working with were stunning!” says Charles Boileau.

His co-nominees are quite impressive:

Outstanding Color Grading – Feature Film

  • ”Monsoon” – Charles Boileau // Post-Moderne
  • ”The Boxtrolls” – John Daro // FotoKem
  • ”Whiplash” – Natasha Leonnet // Modern VideoFilm
  • “Lady of Csejte” – Keith Roush // Roush Media
  • “Birdman” – Steven J. Scott // Technicolor

Post-Moderne is very proud of this nomination that featured nominees from many outstanding movies in the past: Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón), Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson), 12 Years a Slave (Steve McQueen) and Drive (Nicolas Winding Refn) just to name a few. Proof that size doesn’t matter, it’s the talent of the team that makes the difference in the end.